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We’re helping the English language – one apostrophe at a time

We love apostrophes. They’re useful things. They tell you when something belongs to someone, a letter is missing, or if a word is contracted.

Without them, chaos results.

Now imagine a world in which people were so confused about how to use apostrophes that a local council banned them on street signs altogether! (No, we’re not going to name names…)

Anyway, marketing communications agency Oxygen got so fed up with bad apostrophes that they created this site. But it’s not all angst. They wanted to draw attention to the problem, and to make it fun too – because an apostrophe atrocity can make you smile.

Our apostrophe philosophy

There’s no excuse for getting apostrophes wrong – especially if you’re a big brand that has English as a first language.
So we’ve created a site where people can share their favourite mistakes, to name and shame, and perhaps encourage some help for the organisation that’s got it so wrong. It’s less of a pardon, and more of a public shaming.

We hope you’ll become an apostrophe advocate and join the amnesty. You’ll help make the world a better place.

Correct use of apostrophes

Now, we must say there’s an awful lot of help out there if you’re unsure of when to use an apostrophe.

But we’d like to refer you to a very worthy campaign – The Apostrophe Protection Society. They have some helpful guidance on how to use the apostrophe correctly.

Find out here.

A word about our sponsors

Apostrophe Amnesty is supported by The Oxygen Agency Ltd, a full-service marketing communications agency with offices in Devon and Bristol. They started life as a copywriting business in 2002, and their focus on great use of language is as strong now as it was then.

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