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Have you seen our Pinterest page?


Use Pinterest? Don’t forget that you can also follow our Pinterest boards. You’ll find “Apostrophe Atrocities” and “Language Lunacy”. All of the apostrophe atrocities, grammar howlers and terrible typos that our readers upload to the Apostrophe Amnesty website also go up on Pinterest. If you’re an avid Pinterest user, repin your favourites to share with […]

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8 grammar rules that all copywriters break


Guest blog from Steve Lodge, at The Oxygen Agency Unfortunately good grammar simply doesn’t reflect the way people speak. That’s a real problem – even for good copywriters – who need to stimulate a primal urge to buy in the reader. Writing copy that grabs the reader’s attention and compels them to keep reading is […]

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East Devon sign with a missing space


I may be a pedant but ‘everyday’ is an adjective.

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Bad apostrophe on battery signage


It’s hard to read I’m afraid but this says camera’s – that nasty apostrophe that seems to sneak into plurals. It’s in a national hardware store too.

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